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Postpartum Chiropractic at Foundation Family Chiropractic

back adjustmentAll too often, the time after a mother has given birth is overlooked by the outside world. As you juggle the physical and emotional changes that come with bringing a precious new life into the world, the additional responsibilities and chemical changes from your hormones can wreak havoc on your body.

It’s an important time for self-care, even as our days seem to overflow with new feeding schedules, little sleep, and lots of laundry. Adjustments can have critical benefits for our bodies as they try to heal from the pregnancy and birth process, and our three locations make it easy to stop in for a 15-minute appointment.

How Chiropractic Benefits Post-Pregnancy Moms

Following the birth of your baby, this period of time is considered the fourth trimester. During this time, you are navigating demanding feeding schedules and attempting to set sleep schedules or sleep habits—on top of your normal household obligations. You’re bending and moving your body in new ways, whether it’s nursing with a pillow, carrying your newborn from room to room, or trying to move a car seat from the car to the house while carrying a bag of groceries.

As you try to manage it all, these new routines can cause physical stress upon a body that is also enduring chemical stress from rapidly changing hormones. Chiropractic works to remove the subluxations, or misalignments, that may have occurred during the pregnancy and have occurred afterward.

By properly aligning your spine and joints, pain and discomfort in the body can be alleviated, your range of motion can be restored, and healing is promoted throughout the body. Practice members also report increased energy, less anxiety, better sleep, and even more productive feedings for their little ones.

Contact Us for Family Care Across the Low Country

Chiropractic can be a huge help to moms as they recover following birth, and our team welcomes new moms to begin their postpartum care at any of our locations, including Summerville, Mt. Pleasant, and our newly opened Carnes Crossroads.

We can help your body function most effectively through a comprehensive chiropractic plan targeted to your specific needs. Contact us today!


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