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Pediatric Chiropractic Care

From the very first day of life, you have the power to make a decision that will put your child on a path to incredible health: to get checked by a chiropractor. With pediatric chiropractic, your child can grow and develop the way their body was designed to.

Many Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic

Every young person deserves to have a happy and healthy childhood. Chiropractic care can improve their body’s structure, eliminate subluxations, and prevent health issues from occurring. If left untreated, it may go on for years and cause serious problems, particularly into adulthood, which it takes more time to correct.

Children respond particularly well to chiropractic care since unhealthy patterns haven’t been present for long. Practice members at Foundation Family Chiropractic have seen positive changes in symptoms such as

  • Immune challenges
  • Colic
  • Head shape issues

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Allergies

Dr. Kyle’s pediatric success stories include children with ADD who began seeing improvements in school after they received care. We have also provided care for a special needs practice member who became more articulate after chiropractic adjustments. A particularly memorable case involved a boy who was 4 years old. He was practically attached to his mom’s leg, unable to make friends or even maintain eye contact. His mom was worried about what her son would be like as an adult if he continued on this path.

A couple of months into care, the mom came in happily shocked. She reported her son had flipped over a bike rack. While most moms would be dismayed at such behavior, she was happy to see he could be a typical kid! He’s no longer his formerly withdrawn self.

Another mom brought in her baby because of throwing up, an inability to sleep and being generally unhappy. After a single week of care, Mom reported it was like a switch had been flipped. Her son was pooping, sleeping and rarely crying. We love it when a parent says we’ve helped their child be the best version of themselves!

When your child begins care, your chiropractor will meet with you to evaluate their condition. It’s a similar process to the one that our adult practice members go through. We generally do not take X-rays on children; instead, we use the modern INSiGHT™ Subluxation Station scans to assess their health and understand how best to help them.

The adjustment we give to a baby or child is extremely gentle with a light, fingertip-only pressure. It’s different than what an adult needs since their little bodies require less to achieve a neurological response.

Why is it important to have children adjusted?

As adults, we’ve developed compensation patterns and processes in response to different forms of trauma. These patterns may have been present for years. Children respond well and show quick changes since their issues haven’t been present for long. The sooner we address a trauma after it’s happened, the better the results will be. That’s why we recommend you bring your baby in shortly after birth.
Do you adjust kids differently than you do adults?

Yes. There is no force needed to make incredible changes in a child’s heath. The adjustment is light and easy. For an infant, about the same pressure you’d use to touch your eyeball is all we need.
If a kid is nervous, how will you put them at ease?

Since we have a large pediatric practice, there are always other kids here. They can see another child get adjusted and we will walk them through everything before we do it. We make it fun and lighthearted, ensuring your child will look forward to their visits with us.
Why would I have a newborn adjusted?

The first trauma we encounter is when we enter the world. Whether a natural or C-section birth, there is a great deal of stress on a newborn’s spine. We can improve the effects of that stress from day one and prevent anything more serious from occurring.
Can chiropractic help with colic?

We do not treat colic, reflux, ear infections or other common childhood ailments. What we do is help your child’s body to function as it should, decreasing the body’s overall stress response. With a more balanced state, your child won’t have symptoms such as colic.

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