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Meet Dr. Nicole Bryan

NicoleIt was at a young age when Dr. Nicole embarked on her chiropractic journey. As her aunt and uncle were both chiropractors, she was exposed to the transformative power of chiropractic care early on. Her personal experience with regular chiropractic adjustments during high school, which helped alleviate her headaches, solidified her decision to become a chiropractor.

Education and Specialization

Dr. Nicole graduated from Daytona State College with an undergraduate degree in business before attending Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida, where she graduated in 2017. She is Webster-certified and pursuing a Pediatric certification from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), further expanding her ability to serve her youngest patients.

Taking a Patient-Centered Approach

As a chiropractor, Dr. Nicole loves having the opportunity to help people feel better every day without relying on medication or invasive surgeries. She has a calm demeanor and attentive listening skills, which help her understand each patient’s unique situation and develop personalized treatment plans. With a special interest in working with children, she aims to set a strong health foundation for them from the very beginning.

From Florida to Charleston

After finishing chiropractic school, Dr. Nicole moved to Virginia where she met her husband. With family ties in both Florida and Virginia, they decided on Charleston, South Carolina as the perfect place to settle down. The mild climate, similar to Florida, allows for outdoor activities throughout most of the year—something Dr. Nicole greatly appreciates.

Life Outside Chiropractic

When not at the practice, Dr. Nicole enjoys weightlifting, kayaking, and attending live music shows and festivals. She is passionate about keeping active and appreciates the balance her hobbies bring to her professional life.

Whether you’re seeking to get out of pain, have more energy or want to maintain your optimal health we invite you to Contact Foundation Family Chiropractic today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Nicole!


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