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The old saying is true: you are what you eat. If you put good food into your body, your body uses the nutrients it takes in and runs more effectively as a whole. If you aren’t getting the right nutrition, your organs won’t function as they should, and you can end up with autoimmune conditions neurodegenerative disorders and more.

At Foundation Family Chiropractic, we provide nutritional services to help you meet your goals. Whether you’re suffering from a health issue, energy loss, diabetes or want to get off your blood pressure or cholesterol medication, we can help you. We’ll navigate the proper nutrition choices with you and give you realistic expectations of what you can achieve.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to nutrition. If you would like assistance in making sure your body gets what it needs, we’ll teach you how to eat healthy and make healthier decisions. One person may function better on a keto diet, while another one needs vegetarian, vegan or paleo. You’ll be walked through how to figure out what works for you. We’ll add and subtract as needed, giving you supplements that will help your body work more efficiently and effectively.

You’ll learn how to make healthy substitutions for unhealthy foods. We think the right approach is to turn your good into a better, followed by turning your better into your best. We’ll start off small, making sure you’re not overwhelmed with any of the changes we make. New recipes, meal plans and other tools will be supplied to you, making sure you have the resources you require.

If you need testing done, such as for allergies or sensitivities, we’ll be happy to help you arrange it. When we get the tests back, we’ll go over the results to make your nutritional plan.

You might already be taking supplements and wonder if you’re taking the right brand or dosage. We encourage our patients to bring in a list of the supplements they take. That way, your chiropractor can assess them to see if you are getting what you need. We’ll look at additives, flavorings, colorings and check for other unwanted chemicals. Your dosage will also be evaluated to ensure you’re getting the proper amount.

I'm interested in your nutrition services. How do I get started?

When you become a chiropractic patient, there is a space on your paperwork to list your goals. If you want to optimize your nutrition, lose weight, or get off medications, list it there. Your chiropractor will discuss what you’ve tried in the past and what we may be able to help you with.
Can you help me lose weight?

Yes. One of our patients was a man who was about 20 pounds overweight. He reported low energy and extreme joint pain. After a month of chiropractic care and nutrition, his pain is gone. He lost 20 pounds in 15 days!
Do you offer workshops on nutrition or weight loss?

Yes. Our classes and workshops include talking about true health and healing or the changes you can make about your nutrition. We also hold one called How to Lose 20 Pounds In 30 Days. Call our team to find out when our next workshop will be held!
Are there supplements available for purchase from the office?

Yes. We carry Systemic Formulas and Designs For Health, which are supplement lines of the highest quality.
How does nutrition work when combined with chiropractic?

When you’re under care, we may discuss an anti-inflammatory diet with you. Combined with chiropractic, it can get your pain under control quickly and help you heal faster.

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